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Business and art professional with broad based knowledge and expertise in a variety of art forms including branding, logo design, all print media concepts, outdoor, murals, large format posters, website design, television commercial production and custom work for publishers.

Specialized in Hispanic Marketing and Spanish language translation services. Work closely with advertising agencies and public relation firms to assist with exceptional graphic design services and advertising campaigns.

Ability to provide creative direction as well as strong business acumen to provide strategic direction. Work directly with key accounts management. Ability to produce effective ideas under tight timelines. Strong delegation and time management skills. Oversee work to deliver on time and within budget. Extensive work in public relations and event management.


Orlando, Florida



Planet Kids Orlando Newspaper

Orlando, Florida
Pia Ceccarelli Design Studio
Orlando, Florida
Centaur Design Group
Orlando, Florida
Graphic Designer
Recoton Corporation
- Design of sellsheets, print layouts, package design mock-ups for presentations, & POP designs. Company liaison with print vendors to oversee proofing for match prints and film. Development of renderings for product design and instruction manuals for various electronics products. Directing Product Shots (cleaning, retouching and clipping images). Chief translator and proof-reader for bilingual informational pieces. Departmental Coordinator coordinating with Recoton’s marketing department tracking jobs from inception to finished product.
Houston, Texas
Artist/Paste Up
Let It Fly Events
- Creation and production props for theme parties, painting mirrors, illustrations, utilizing foams, foam core, plywood and fabric
Lima, Peru
Ceccarelli Designs
- Managed graphics art studio developing various art layouts for restaurants involving menu designs, seasonal advertising, and hand-made displays
Lima, Peru
Montessori Design Institute
B.A., Graphic Design and Advertising


Pia was great to work with. She gave me multiple designs to choose from all of which I liked and one of which I ultimately chose for my company logo. Her prices are fair, her response times are quick and I keep going back to Business Designs Unlimited when the need arises. I highly recommend using them for your business needs.

Larry Kaizen


Pia and her design team are top notch!!! The Daytona Hilton uses Business Designs Unlimited for printed collateral like rack cards, sales brochures, advertisements, and larger scale room decor. First - fast response time when Ad designs are needed with a quick turnaround is never an issue Second - Pia is dedicated to understanding our overall goals with our ad and other designs. She spends extra time inquiring on the placement and customers who will view the finished product and what the end goal is. This is dedication not typically found in this industry. Last - We are always EXTREMELY pleased with the finished designs. Our hotel is always beautifully with BDU's designs and the sales collateral the team designed are effective in displaying the hotel's offerings in a visually appealing format.

Tiler Theisen


Pia Ceccarelli has a passion for graphic design. She is especially adept at applying art and science to every client's vision for their brand. As a true specialist in logo design, Pia posses the wonderful ability to distill brands into shapes and colors that endure. It takes a complex mixture of design skills, creative theory and thoughtful application. Pia has employed all of those elements in delivering outstanding work for every client we have had the pleasure of working on together. 

Tony Smothers

Mosaic Marketing Solutions

I love working with Pia, she's always right on point and keys into our needs as a company. Her ideas are fresh, innovative and easy to implement - thanks to her practical approach. Thanks for all you have done for us!!

Gustavo N. Pavon


Great work; a pleasure to do business with. Timely delivery of projects, clear communications about objectives and beautiful design. Could not be more pleased!

KIMBA Williams


I've been utilizing Business Designs Unlimited (Pia) for more than 15 years in all my marketing projects on a personal level and for every business I have worked in and for my current business. Pia is talented, professional, and cares about her clients needs. She is honest, timely, and efficient. I love the fact that she always gives you options to choose from, I also love the fact that if I don't like any of them she does not take it personally and goes back to drawing board listening to my needs and expectations. I would not change Pia because I have experienced first hand the quality of her designs and the designs she has created for countless colleagues who feel the same. We are grateful for this company and graphic designer!

Diana Bolivar


Pia did a great job designing and delivering my law firm a logo, letterhead, business cards and web site landing page.  She performed all tasks as agreed, on time and on budget. I look forward to working with Pia in the future.

Brad West


Pia and Business Designs Unlimited have provided excellent service for us @ 20/20 Property Inspections for several years now. Always accommodating tight deadlines with "done right the first time" creations. Business Designs Unlimited designed our rack cards, our car wraps and everything in-between! If you want a company that listens objectively, provides invaluable design suggestions/services at a more than fair cost, there is only one place to go. Business Designs Unlimited!

James Kennedy


Pia is a pleasure to work with, very talented and especially good at finding solutions. I don't have to "direct" her, just communicate our objectives and the feelings we are having about the design and she always makes it perfect. She is very concerned about customer satisfaction and never has a "prima donna" attitude like so many other graphic professionals do! She truly wants the customer to be happy with their designs for THEIR benefit, not hers! I have worked with Pia on brochures, business cards, logo designs, eBooks, posters and probably a few things I'm forgetting. I'm a writer, so when she lays out a design it just brings LIFE to what I've written. I so appreciate having Pia "on my team" whenever I need her!

Chrissy M, WordPower Marketing


Pia and Business Designs Unlimited receive nothing but 5 stars! I am extremely satisfied that I selected her for my project! She was very easy to work with and produce outstanding work for my business. I will definitely use her for all my future business requirements!

Federico G.


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Phone: 407-488-7591
E-mail: pia@bizdesignsunlimited.com

“If you’re to create something powerful and important, you must at the very least be driven by an equally powerful inner force.”

– Ryan Holiday

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